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Generally guys tend to want to skip over foreplay to get straight to sex. If, for instance, you're a guy and you try to go straight to intercourse, first of all you're going to have physical problems. The vagina has erectile tissue (like the penis) which needs to fill with blood to accommodate penetration. Otherwise penetration will be difficult and uncomfortable. Without foreplay her vagina won't have secreted any natural lubricant either, making penetration difficult, painful and possibly causing small tears in the vaginal tissue. Not good.On top of all this is the emotional readiness. If you try go straight from watching football to intercourse, you'll probably fail. Women like a lot of talking, mood setting and tenderness before sex. This gets her mind (the most important sexual organ, its often said) ready as well as her body.

There's a million different ways you can foreplay. Here we'll give you some basic ideas, but invent your own. Let your imagination run wild.

Talking / seduction
Unless you have magical powers of silent seduction, chances are sex will begin with some kind of conversation. You can discuss the things you like about each other, the qualities you like or some nice things they've done in the past. You can talk about what you'd like to do, or discuss some fantasy you could have together - imagine yourselves as strangers meeting on a tropical island and how and where you'd get together for some hot beach sex. Take turns directing the story and see how long you can hold out.


Never underestimate the power of the kiss. A deep, passionate kiss can work wonders for blood flow. And deep doesn't have to mean deep tonguing, just deep and passionate. Save the tongue bath for the clitoris. Look deep into her eyes, run your fingers through her hair and down across her cheeks. Also don't just do this before sex. Do it any time, in the middle of the day, on the bus, when you're saying goodbye. If you only kiss passionately when you want sex, your partner may see kissing as a signal that you just want sex, not kissing.Spend a lot of time exploring kissing - nipping at lips and tongue, cheeks, earlobes, neck, fingers, hands, toes, the whole body.
Probably the best way to lead from foreplay to sex. Give your partner a long, soothing, gentle, all over body massage and you'll both be yearning for sex.Concentrate on the back, neck and shoulders. As well as using your hands to soothingly caress these areas, lay down lots of kisses in between. For seriously good massaging, use massage oil, scented with your favourite fragrance. Its also fantastic for soothing aching muscles and keeping your body feeling good.Stay away from genital areas initially. Massage the whole body, brush near the genitals if you like, but don't touch them yet. You want to tease, tease, tease:

Sometimes a quickie can be great, but generally, the more time you spend foreplaying, teasing, and not touching any genital area, the more fantastic the sex will be. Think of it like winding up a spring. The more you wind it up, the more spring you're going to get out of it.Say you're the woman and you want to tease your male partner. Spend a lot of time hugging and caressing his body, all over. Move close around his hips, legs, inner thighs. Brush over his penis but don't touch it. Go really close but don't touch! If he tries to drag your hands onto his penis, bat his hands away. Then keep going, teasing and teasing until you both can't stand it anymore. When you finally do touch him it'll be far more exciting for both of you.

For guys, use the same thing for your female partner. For instance, if you're planning on stroking her clitoris, the more time you spend caressing, massaging her whole body without touching her clit, the bigger the orgasm is going to be when you finally do touch her clit. Tease, tease, tease. Run your hands close to her clit and vagina but don't touch them directly. Do this for as long as you can. If she begs you to touch her clit or tries to drag your hand down there, don't. Don't give in. Tease her more.

So, here's a breakdown:

  • foreplay, kiss, caress, massage
  • brush your hands near her clit / labia / vagina but don't touch them directly
  • massage hips, inner thighs, belly
  • keep doing this for some time
  • if she begs you to touch her clit, don't don't give in
    if she tries to drag your hand onto her clit, don't
    keep teasing and teasing and teasing
    finally, after lots of teasing, start stroking her clit

If you're floundering in the bedroom and your girlfriend is moaning for all the wrong reasons, these tips will point you in the right direction.
Gentlemen! If you want to get your girl moaning for real instead of faking it, you're going to have to put a bit of work in. Firstly, a male can achieve orgasm within 2 - 3 minutes when stimulated by another partner. Where as a female can take up to 15 minutes to climax.

If you know for a fact that you can't keep going for that long by pure intercourse alone (and lets face it, if you're doing that, you're having sex, not making love) then you are going to have to stimulate her body with foreplay instead. Now before you panic and freak out, all of this can be done with your tongue and hands. I guarantee you will become a better lover in the bedroom AND you really will give her orgasm after orgasm.

The top 5 female erogenous zones

The neck
Apart from being sexy and attractive, the female neck is perhaps one of the most sensitive areas of her body. Softly kissing this area from her shoulder to below her ear (while at the same time massaging it with your tongue will send tingles and pulses up and down her spine. Keep at it and she will be breathing heavily in a very short period of time.

The ear lobes
Sucking ear lobes isn't for everyone. Some girls get the tickles when you do it but others simply adore it. While you're there you can whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Close facial contact is what she likes so this is a good way to do it if you're fed up with kissing on the lips. Also massaging her ear lobes with your fingers from time to time can be very soothing.

The nipples
On a par with the neck for sensitivity, the female nipples become hard and sit up right when stimulated with your tongue. Don't forget to give both breasts even attention and also kiss down in between her breasts as you work your way between both of them. If she hasn't grabbed your head by this stage and held it into her bosom, something's badly wrong.

The belly button
Working your way down her body, the belly button is another area you should stimulate before full intercourse. Kissing this area with your lips and tongue will cause vibrations that will vibrate through her reproductive area and begin to stimulate her G spot.

The G Spot
Ah the G spot. This holy grail legend of the female anatomy can be tricky to find. So if the chance arises, ask her if she has already found her G spot and let her point you in the right direction.
As a general guide, most female G spots can be found on the roof of the vagina (that's the side closest to her stomach.). It's about the size and shape of a 2 pence coin and can be found about 4 inches in.

Extreme caution should be taken when stimulating this area with your tongue or fingers as a female can quite literally lose control of her limbs. Don't be surprised if you get kneed in the face or get elbowed as she moans in ecstasy. It should also be noted that not all females have a G spot, so don't be alarmed if you both can't find it. As you have seen there are plenty of other areas of the female body that can be stimulated in the art of love making in order to help her climax.

Doing a combination of all these things will leave her begging for more and you will be a better lover for it. Experimentation is the key to find out what works and what doesn't as everyone is not the same.

As you can see, a true female orgasm involves the stimulation of her whole body and not just simple penetration. Taking the time to show care and attention to her needs will put you so far above any other lovers, she may have had that you may find it tricky escaping from the bed. I know I have ;-)

I hope this article helps your love life get back on track and that you become better and more confident at making love and not just having sex. Above all else, if you want to become a better lover, ask your partner what they like and what they want you to do to them. Not only will you help them get their rocks off quicker, you'll also show that you are thinking about their needs and they in turn will think about yours. This will create a much better experience than if both parties are concentrating on what each can get out of the experience in a very selfish way.

Dont Loose hope Unitil you have soap.

We do not pretend to be able to teach you how to have great sex. What we promise is to teach you how to have good sex. With the right tips, trick and ideas anyone (that is willing to practice) can have good sex. Great sex is a combination of technique, practice and chemistry. Ultimately, you will never learn how to have great sex just by surfing the web. Great sex, as any sexpert will tell you, requires a willingness to experiment, communication and of course, lots of practice! It is unrealistic to think that the first time you ask a man (or woman) out on a date, participate in oral sex, or use sex toys that everything will go smoothly. Great sex is about learning how to relax enough to enjoy the moment. Sometimes sex is funny, sad or erotic. As you read these tips, remember, great sex requires time, commitment and honesty. Ultimately it is only you who knows what feels good, thus, it is up to you to teach your partner about your likes and dislikes. Lastly, having good sex requires you to not only respond to your own needs, but your partners needs as well. so any questines plz fire 'emup here.

1. "Praise her in front of someone else. Let her hear you tell someone else how lucky you are to have this woman in your life. She may act embarrassed at the time, but she'll love you for it."

2.Fill an envelope with romantic ideas for her to reach in and pick out with her eyes closed. Ideas such as...Ask her to put on the shirt you're wearing...Take turns feeding each other with your eyes closed...Slow dance together to a song while never taking your eyes off one another.

3.When a girl gets dressed up it is usually for her guy so tell her she looks great.

4.Guy's its very simple,Give your girl a back massage. Tell her to lye on her stomach on the bed (make sure her back is naked). Start the massage from the base of her neck, and take your time. The hotspots to hit are below the shoulder blades, lower back, and right on the spine along the bra line. After a good 8 to 10 minute massage tell keep her eyes closed (you won't have to tell her if you gave her a good massage). Go to the freezer and take an ice cube. Come back and but the ice cube in your mouth. Hold it buy your teeth. RUN THE ICE CUBE FROM THE BASE OF HER SPINE TO THE BOTTOM OF THER NECK. Her back will arch, and well, you no what happens after that. Trust me it works.

5.If your loved one is bilingual, learn the lyrics to one of her favorite slow jams and sing it very softly in her ear one day out of the blue-- she'll love you for it!

6.Give nicknames to certain body parts. Think of them together, it's more intimate.

7.If you're not with her yet, and don't really have the balls to just walk up and start a conversation, impress her by writing her a poem about how she makes you feel. Women love to see the more creative/sensitive side of guys.

8.If you haven't been dating for a long time yet, let her tell her 'lifestory'. Hold her close and listen carefully, she will really like it (at least I did).

9.Make sure when you are listening to the radio together wrap your arms around her and sing softly the words to the song that apply to you or her! (And when the song is over turn her around and say something funny yet romantic at the same time girls love this kind of talk then gently kiss her) And ALWAYS compliment her on her kissing like wow u have nice lips "BD" or watever.

10.If your girl is into it, wrestle with her. Don't beat her and bang her into the floor, and don't let her do the same to you. Just get in the floor and "get physical" (so to speak). This will bring you closer to your partner

The pattern is all too common. One moment your relationship is riding a wave of warmth, love and intimacy. But the next moment coldness, anger and blame creep in.
What is happening? Is it something that signals a serious underlying problem, or is it just the natural ebb and flow that accompanies the cycles of love?
Often we are too close to really understand what we're going through. But we recognize that we need help. But then, just as we decide to move in that direction, we decide to put it off. This yo-yo pattern repeats itself and we are once again at a loss to explain what is going on.
How do you know when your love life is on a crash course? For starters, there are common signs that can be clues. Once you identify them, you're on the road to better understanding.
The common signs of a troubled relationship are:

1. Decrease in sexual passion

2. Bickering

3. Avoidance

4. Jealousy

5. Depression

6. Less time spent together

7. Anxiety

8. Dependency

9. Manipulation of family members

1. Decrease Sexual Passion

There is a natural waxing and waning of passion that occurs in every relationship, but what we're talking about here is something else. While stress, fatigue and other pressures can creep between the sheets, there is no place for anger. When you find yourself shut down to your partner's advances, it's time to pay attention.

2. Bickering

In order for your love to stay fresh and healthy, you must be able to talk about both simple and complex feelings. When bickering replaces conversation, nothing gets addressed and nothing gets resolved. Instead, tension builds and a power battle takes over. Anger and blame follow.

3. Avoidance

Like it or not, straight talk is healthy. Without it, you will lose your boundaries and values. We all have to stand up for something even when it is not received the way we had hoped. Real differences in a partnership don't have to cause problems, especially when they are explored with respect. When you remain silent and stoic, and keep everything below the surface, repressed feelings become part of a toxic brew. Eventually they take on a life of their own.

4. Jealousy

You have to be careful about this warning sign. It's confusing. Jealousy is a complicated emotion. It can mean many different things. The type of jealousy I'm referring to is unfounded jealousy, not jealousy that comes from watching a flirtatious partner about to make a conquest. Unfounded jealousy is something that appears without warning and disturbs the equilibrium of a relationship. This type of jealousy appears out of nowhere and can have little to do with infidelity. It is often a reflection of the loss of self- esteem and a deep sense of insecurity on the part of either you or your partner.

5. Depression

I have seen many people come into my office with depression. For the most part, they can't figure out why they are feeling like this. They say they have a good life, and a solid relationship. But as they talk, they realize that many things are missing in their love life, things they don't want to look at. Why? Because they fear that if they face the truth, that ultimately, they might wind up alone. They think they are better off not knowing. But in order to break the cycle of depression, one must be honest. As one patient told me, "Truth is my friend, it will guide me in a good direction."

6. Less Time Spent Together

When is enough time together enough? Well, that depends a lot on your needs. Finding the balance between love, responsibility and other demands creates a continuous juggling act. We all experience that. But an abrupt shift in shared time patterns could be a warning sign that something is out of whack. Too much separation and not enough shared activities can create a void, making intimacy difficult to experience.

7. Anxiety

I think of anxiety as a warning sign in much the same way that I think of depression. A sudden increase in anxiety or a change in sleep patterns can indicate that there is an unresolved issue lurking in your unconscious that needs to be exposed. Since relationships are so important in life, there's a big chance that anxiety is a red flag indicating that some aspect of your partnership needs to be examined.

8. Dependency

When you're too dependent, the fundamental partnership is out of balance. If there's too much dependency, a natural resentment brews. One person is likely to feel burdened, the other frightened by their neediness. It's a "no win" situation. Equality is tossed out the window. The one in power often feels unappreciated and undervalued. The needy one frequently feels disappointment. Resentment grows and both partners feel judged.

9. Manipulation of Family Members

When you begin to manipulate and clutch at your children or others, your partner can easily be marginalized. A wedge can occur. Low-level family warfare can result. This can happen not only with children but with other family members, friends and even business colleagues. The result is that you and your partner are at odds.
I recognize the problem, now what can I do about it?
Relationships are enormously complex. There are no easy answers. Sometimes it may feel that it is too late, but in my practice, I've watched relationships flourish on very parched soil. Most issues can be resolved by honest dialogue and open conversations -- conversations that require you to leave all your "ammunition" behind.

If We Were Meant to Be Why Are We Getting Divorced?

In recent years, newspaper and magazine articles, books, and television shows have focused on the subject, "Are you the one for me?" This question is one of the most common topics of discussion among friends and family. I have traveled to many places, and I have heard many a discussion on this subject while sipping coffee in a café, sitting in a bar, or waiting for a bus. We think about and dwell on this question by ourselves, we talk to acquaintances, and we confide in our closest friends. We appear to take this stuff pretty seriously. We would all have to agree that committing ourselves to a relationship, and eventually to marriage or a common law relationship, is probably one of the biggest decisions we will make in our lifetime. Most of us eventually come to a decision that, yes, "this is the one for me," and make such a commitment. I guess my question is that, if we are examining this question with such scrutiny, why is it that one out of two marriages ends in divorce?

Figures released by Statistics Canada for the year 1992 showed the following divorce rates, by country: Canada, 48.02%; United States, 51.44%; United Kingdom, 48.93%; France, 55.43%; Russia, 46.8%; Australia, 37.79%; Sweden, a staggering 58.93%. The statistics are not all doom and gloom: Spain had a rate of 10.9%, Mexico was at 7.78%, and Italy was at 8.56%. This, of course, does not insure that people in Spain, Mexico, and Italy choose partners more wisely and have happier marriages; the lower divorce rates may be related to factors such as cultural and religious beliefs (e.g., a taboo on divorce). Statistically, second marriages are even less successful than first marriages: it looks as if we do not learn anything from the first time around! As for third or fourth marriages: well, I have to wonder whether these people just like having a party. These statistics are on legal marriages, only. The statistics have not even explored the failure rates of common law relationships, where percentages may be even higher. It's only a matter of time before the statisticians come up with those numbers for us. It is not uncommon today for an individual to have had two marriages, and a couple of common law relationships during his or her lifetime.

One factor that may be affecting the rate of divorce is the ease of obtaining a divorce. Over the last twenty years, it has become increasingly easy and more socially acceptable to become divorced. Individuals in the state of Arizona now can divorce their spouses without even telling them, courtesy of the automated Quick Court. The system allows a couple, or either partner, to file for a legal separation in just 20 minutes. The machine also allows you to sort out child custody issues. It even allows an abused partner to file for an order of protection, which becomes effective in 24 hours. Once processed, the system prints out a form that the couple or individual takes to a clerk in the courthouse for filing. Six weeks later, the final divorce arrives, with minimal involvement from either party. The cost is only $30, plus court filing fees. Using a lawyer for the same process could cost thousands. This system makes divorcing easier than getting a driver's license, and has processed tens of thousands of divorces since its introduction in 1994.

Divorce has become a big business in the world today. Due to the demand, more lawyers are choosing to specialize in divorce and family law. Waiting lists are common when seeking an appointment with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or mediator who specializes in divorce and custody issues. Divorce is not a cheap proposition: it is not only supporting the lawyers and the medical professionals like psychiatrists, but provides revenue for real estate agents, movers, furniture and appliance stores, even baby-sitters. Also, let us not forget our local travel agent, because if the divorce has been long, messy, and drawn out, everybody is going to need a holiday to recover from it all!

Yes, indeed, divorce is a big money maker. In March of 1996, publisher Dan Courvette introduced Canada to his Divorce magazine. Launched in the Toronto, Ontario market and published quarterly, Divorce is now in its fifth year. Toronto was just the starting point for this magazine. Publisher and divorce entrepreneur Courvette now boasts a flourishing circulation of 110,000 from 4 different regions: California, Illinois, New York / New Jersey, and Ontario. Expansion of Divorce magazine continues with a new website and with plans to launch a national edition of the magazine by the end of the year. Articles seen in this magazine highlight such topics as "A Fairy Tale divorce" -- describing how a nightmare marriage can have a happy ending. Another article, "The Money Trap," describes how two nice people turn into gladiators bent on destruction. Of course, as in any magazine, it is full of advertisements by lawyers, accountants, realtors, mediators, and dating agencies looking for business. In the Toronto issue of Divorce, there is a full-page ad from Telepersonals, luring readers to get back into the dating scene.

REMARKED A wit "The rapidly increasing divorce rate indicates that we are indeed becoming the land of the free. Yes, replied his practical friend, but the continuing marriage rate suggests this is still the home of the brave."
Why ? Why ? How ? How? we better think twice about it. India is a land of love and affection . Beacuse of that there are so many relatives for us in all over the Globe.
Only thing we have to sit back and think and talk it out. thats all we can put a full stop for this.

Hay guyz here is some love quotes for you .. say this to your G/F or B/F and be happy .. happy naughty day

1) He asked me why i love himI replied because you saw me when i was invisible

2)If you don't love yourself, How can you expect someone else to love you??????

3)We're all addicted to something, that takes away the pain.

4)If You Can't Love Yourself...Then You Can't Simply Give it...!!!

5) If ur bl0od cud save me,i'd asked 4 onLy 1dr0p.if ur air cud save me,i'd asked 4 onLy 1breath.but if ur tears cud save me..i'd rather die .. than to see you CRY ..

DONT!Dont call me,
I wont call back
Dont SMS me,
I wont message back
Dont depend on me,
I may not take your flak
Dont worship me,
I may fall back
Dont strain me,
I may not stretch back
Dont Hurt ME,
I may not want u back
Dont push me,
I wont go over the edge!
Dont stress me,
I may just FOLD up and crack!
Dont Hate ME,
I may not hate u back!
Dont screw me,
it wont be worth your while
Dont tell me NO,
Ill just break the SHACKLES and fall back,
Dont Love ME,
I may not LOVE u back
Dont Miss me,
I may not BE BACK!