Dr.Cupid (Phd. Loveology & Bedology)

Everything about love and relationship

1. "Praise her in front of someone else. Let her hear you tell someone else how lucky you are to have this woman in your life. She may act embarrassed at the time, but she'll love you for it."

2.Fill an envelope with romantic ideas for her to reach in and pick out with her eyes closed. Ideas such as...Ask her to put on the shirt you're wearing...Take turns feeding each other with your eyes closed...Slow dance together to a song while never taking your eyes off one another.

3.When a girl gets dressed up it is usually for her guy so tell her she looks great.

4.Guy's its very simple,Give your girl a back massage. Tell her to lye on her stomach on the bed (make sure her back is naked). Start the massage from the base of her neck, and take your time. The hotspots to hit are below the shoulder blades, lower back, and right on the spine along the bra line. After a good 8 to 10 minute massage tell keep her eyes closed (you won't have to tell her if you gave her a good massage). Go to the freezer and take an ice cube. Come back and but the ice cube in your mouth. Hold it buy your teeth. RUN THE ICE CUBE FROM THE BASE OF HER SPINE TO THE BOTTOM OF THER NECK. Her back will arch, and well, you no what happens after that. Trust me it works.

5.If your loved one is bilingual, learn the lyrics to one of her favorite slow jams and sing it very softly in her ear one day out of the blue-- she'll love you for it!

6.Give nicknames to certain body parts. Think of them together, it's more intimate.

7.If you're not with her yet, and don't really have the balls to just walk up and start a conversation, impress her by writing her a poem about how she makes you feel. Women love to see the more creative/sensitive side of guys.

8.If you haven't been dating for a long time yet, let her tell her 'lifestory'. Hold her close and listen carefully, she will really like it (at least I did).

9.Make sure when you are listening to the radio together wrap your arms around her and sing softly the words to the song that apply to you or her! (And when the song is over turn her around and say something funny yet romantic at the same time girls love this kind of talk then gently kiss her) And ALWAYS compliment her on her kissing like wow u have nice lips "BD" or watever.

10.If your girl is into it, wrestle with her. Don't beat her and bang her into the floor, and don't let her do the same to you. Just get in the floor and "get physical" (so to speak). This will bring you closer to your partner