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We do not pretend to be able to teach you how to have great sex. What we promise is to teach you how to have good sex. With the right tips, trick and ideas anyone (that is willing to practice) can have good sex. Great sex is a combination of technique, practice and chemistry. Ultimately, you will never learn how to have great sex just by surfing the web. Great sex, as any sexpert will tell you, requires a willingness to experiment, communication and of course, lots of practice! It is unrealistic to think that the first time you ask a man (or woman) out on a date, participate in oral sex, or use sex toys that everything will go smoothly. Great sex is about learning how to relax enough to enjoy the moment. Sometimes sex is funny, sad or erotic. As you read these tips, remember, great sex requires time, commitment and honesty. Ultimately it is only you who knows what feels good, thus, it is up to you to teach your partner about your likes and dislikes. Lastly, having good sex requires you to not only respond to your own needs, but your partners needs as well. so any questines plz fire 'emup here.